1. The materials presented to publication have to correspond to a profile of the journal and formal requirements, undergo procedure of reviewing and receive the recommendation to the publication from an editorial board of the journal.

2. Review and editing of manuscripts (scholarly, stylistic, technical) is performed by the Editorial Council and the editorial board of the Journal in accordance with the requirements of the Supreme Attestation Committee of the Russian Federation for scholarly literature.

3. Reviewers are informed that the manuscripts are subject to copyright. The review is confidential. The author has the opportunity to review the text of the review in the event of disagreement with the reviewer's conclusions.

4. If there is a reference to correction of the article in the review, then the article is sent back for revision. In this case the date of submission of the article shall be the date of return of the modified article.

5. The final decision concerning the publication of materials is made by the editor-in-chief.

6. The original review remains in the archives of the editorial office for five years and, if necessary, will be sent to Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

7. Rejected papers are not returned to the authors. In case of refusal the Editorial Board send a refusal letter to the author based on the peer review results.

8. By submitting his paper the author gives permission to the online reproduction of the article free of charge.

9. By submitting his paper the author gives permission to the online reproduction of the article free of charge.

10. The journal is open. Any author, regardless of nationality, place of work and academic degree, has an opportunity to publish an article in compliance with the requirements of the publisher.






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