All manuscripts should be submitted in Russian as a Word document (.doc / .docx). The text should be in Times New Roman 14 pt, 1.5 spaced and fit to the width.

Existence of the summary (Russian and English), keywords (Russian and English) and English names is obligatory.

Text volume for the authors - up to 20000 typ. units (0,5 printer’s sheet).

Submission should include a separate file with full information about the author(s): Full name of each author, affiliation of each author, position; Affiliation of each author; Academic degree; Contact telephone number and email address. Times New Roman font, text size is 12.

  • Style of article exclude a rigid hyphenation with putting down of a hyphen. Quotes are supposed inverted commas («»), in the quote it’s needed to apply inverted commas ("").
  • The symbols and reductions which used in the text have to be opened at the first emergence them in the text.
  • Numbering of tables and drawings is through.
  • Bibliographic notes must be in alphabetical order. If you mention or quote something in the text, you should indicate a number of the bibliographic note and a page of the source in square brackets, for example: The text of the article … «… quote …» [1, 256]. The Arabic figures, Times New Roman font, text size is 10, single spaced.
  • Tables should be submitted in Word or Excel formats; empty boxes in the table should contain a dash.
  • The number of graphs, tables and diagrams in any article should not exceed 4.
  • Graphic material should be presented in the Annex to the «Word» document.






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